How long does it usually take to sub a show?
3-5 Weeks

Why does it take so long to sub a show?

Subbing has become a hobby of mines. However, I do have school and of course I prioritize school over this so it may take a while. Also, I am also the only one that's subbing & controlling this blog.

Can I share your videos with others?

Of course you can. But please make sure to credit me and share the shorte.st link when you do so.

Some subs are inaccurate.
Sadly, I am only like 85% fluent in Chinese lol. But, I do try my best to sub the videos. If you notice a mistake, feel free to email me: subsbychrissy@gmail.com

I pressed "SKIP AD" already but nothing is shown.

Check to make sure if you have Adblock or any other 3rd party program that block ads and disable them. If is still doesn't work, clear your cookies/cache. 

On Dailymotion, why does it say that the video is private? 
The videos are all private because of security reasons. If you have a problem viewing the site, then the URL is probably wrong. All the URL's that are posted should be the ones that will link you to the correct website. If you still are having trouble with the website, please comment in the post and tell me which video you have trouble with.

Can you please sub this video?
Sure. Please request here. This is the only place that I am accepting any requests. If you post anywhere else, it will be IGNORED.

Can I help you sub?
Of course you can. Just shoot me an email at subsbychrissy@gmail.com to find out more information about how to join me. 

Problem still haven't been answered?
Please contact me here or you can email me! :)

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