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September 13, 2015


SHOW ME THE MONEY 4 I had a chance to go to SMTM4 Concert through a Soompi giveaway. (I won 2 tickets ^^) This is actually the first concert that I have ever been to since Infinite's MTVK was more like a mini-event. I have to say, this concert was amazing! (although I wish more contestants came ><) The people that actually came were Lil Boi, Sik-K, Day Day, Geegooin, Jay Park, Loco, Tablo, Sanchez, Verbal Jint, San E, Basick, Paloalto, and 2 others who I'm not quite sure who they are Lol.

Anyways, the concert doors open at 6:30PM and the concert starts at 7:30PM. Those that bought P1 (early entry) and the first 100 P2 (general admission) ticket holders got a chance to hi-touch the people. The ticket that I received was P2 and I got there around 4:45PM and it was still amazing how my friend and I got a chance to hi-touch everyone!!!

*** btw, just note that not all the videos were complete since the girl in front of me was so annoying and kept waving her hand so I just gave up filming *****

Basick was the first person to come on stage. He was amazing and it was great that he is the winner of SMTM4!!! The first song he performed was GXNZI and the second one that he performed was "Stand Up" (I didn't record this since seriously, there were hands up everywhere. >< but everyone sang to Mamamoo's part). Then he just starts speaking English and sings a song that isn't from the show. But honestly, I couldn't record this either since he asked the fans to jump, literally everyone was jumping and I couldn't see anything.

The next performance was by Loco. He performed "High". - My favorite line: "We came from the bottom, now we high." He then performed a second song, "No More." Soon after, Jay Park appears and he starts to sing "My" with Loco. Afterwards, Day Day appears and starts to Rap. After him was Sik-K who performed "Better Life", and then it was Geegooin but I couldn't really record it since everyone was jumping. Finally, Lil Boi performed (ughh him and Basick are like literally the baes). He performed, "Rebirth" Then the whole crew starts to sing "RESPECT" which I couldn't get much of cause of all the hands. *sorry*

This is the second time that I met Tablo. His family is honestly #goals. His appearance was short compared to the others. He wore sunglasses and a hat, he was so adorable. He first sang Born Hater (which I didn't record). Then he sang the cover of Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips" (it's honestly my favorite song!) He then says how without his members (Mithra and Tutukutz), he feels empty since the stage is huge and he's small which I found to be adorable. Although he was the only one from TEAM YG to appear, he was still awesome.

This was when I moved from P2's stage to the sitting area since I got lazy and didn't felt like standing lol. Paloalto was the fourth person to perform. (sorry if the video can't be heard in the beginning, I think I covered it by accident). So he performed "Turtleship" and since he was the only one from Team ZiPal, Jay Park and this guy with curly hair (who I thought it was Zico at first lol. *sorry*) appeared and started to perform with Paloalto.

The first performer from Brand New was San E. Out of all the performers, I think San E was the one that got the crowd going the most. He even gave away 2 signed snapbacks and a couple albums as well. I'm not sure what songs he performed since I'm not really a fan of his. *sorry* The next performer was Verbal Jint. He's always wearing that hoodie of his. Lol. After doing some rap, Sanchez came on the stage. (not sure what they performed either lol). Then, they continued to perform a second song called "Good Morning". This is probably my favorite song of the night (it's still stuck in my head). ~ "good morning." Finally Basick and San E comes out. They all perform 2 songs together - "In My Zone" and "I'm The Man".

The Hi-Touch order(sorry for the blurriness. They didn't allow phones and I had to sneak this)

The concert has officially ended and those that had a chance to hi-touch them had to go back to the seats and wait to be called up. This is probably the fastest hi-touch ever. Lol. It's like people just kept going to by, it went from Hi-Touch to Handshake for some reason. I was just so excited and nervous and didn't know what to say. Lil Boi was the first one up and I just said "Wassup" to him and he said it back to me ^^. As for the others, I just said "Thank you". Till I got to Jay Park, I said "OMG you were awesome today" but like he totally ignored me. Pshh ... not gonna be his fan anymore. Lol jkk I think he ignored everyone. But Loco noticed me say that so I told him "you were awesome" and he smiled at me and said "yea" LIKE OMG! He is soooo much cuter in real life. The next person was Tablo and I didn't notice him till I passed him. So I said "OMG IT'S TABLO" and can you believe it? He turned and looked at me (not sure if he said anything tho). He wasn't wearing any sunglasses and he looked so adorable. But unfortunately, Sanchez was in front of me so I had to greet Sanchez too and I just said "hi" to him. Lol. As for the others after, I just started to say their name since I kinda just blanked out. But, all of their hands were so soft! I think they put on lotion. Haha.

I love this concert so much ughh! It made me fall harder for each and one of the performers even more! I really wished that the other contestants and Zico came. Paloalto looked so lonely without his partner. He even said, "Do I look confident?" and we all just screamed "YEAH". Haha. Everyone was just too cute. I wish I can go back to this time! 

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