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May 6, 2015

[Memo] May 6, 2015

Hello once again! Since my bias - Jonghyun (SHINee) was featured last time, I decided to feature my 2nd ultimate bias - Dongwoo (Infinite).

The reason why I'm making this memo is because I need help for my homework.
I am like tone deaf and think that all instruments sound the same.
So, for my music homework, I need to write out the instruments that's being played and basically write an essay about it. 

As for you guys, I want you guys to PLEASE help me by listing out the instruments that you hear and writing the time for it.
ex let's just say 0:50 - piano ; 0:31 - drum ... and so on

As an exchange, if you guys help me with the homework, then I will upload Episode 8 by 5/24/15 (my birthday xD).
Please help out a poor college student!


  1. 0:52 Guitar
    Idk what that thing is at 0:57 It sounds like a Chinese harp. Do you get it?
    I think I hear a flute at 0:59
    At the same time I hear cymbals I think
    1:02 a marimba I think
    There's also a intrument which give you that magic feel at 1:52 but I forgot the name.

    That's it (I think) ^^

  2. 0:01 it is definitely a piano
    0:15 cymbals
    0:16 maracas
    0:29 drums at the same time chimes
    0:31 cajon or a drums....but i think it is a cajon(beatbox)
    0:44 a kind of stick but i don't know
    0:59 marimba
    1:02 lyre/xylophone/marimba
    2:25 a kind of brass instrument or a woodwind

    hope this gives you a help

  3. WOW!! I don't know that you are like tone-deaf and by the way, I am deaf well.. I can hear loud but i can't hear like low flute or piano..